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Adrian Ramkissoon

The frustration you feel when you face considerable challenges in one area of life can leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, and worse still, cause you to accept your present experience of life as ‘just how it is for me’.

It is very sad but you can allow this to go unaddressed for months, years and even decades before you have a moment of clarity and wonder ‘how on earth did my life come to this?’

And due to that frustration other areas of our lives, and those around us are affected. Before you realise one day everything seems dull, grey and washed out and you could almost be sleepwalking through life.

This may include the relationships which lack true understanding and connection or giving up on what you feel deep down is your purpose because your skills, knowledge and natural talents are being wasted.

"Adrian is very supportive and very intuitive of people’s needs." Linda, Nantwich.

From my personal experience of adversity and hitting rock bottom, true change from living half a life to getting in touch with the greatest version of yourself is rarely found in the form of a pill, ignoring feelings of pain and anxiety or becoming emotionally closed to those around us.

There is no secret to living a fulfilled life.

The simple ingredients are being able to genuinely say: ‘I understand myself. I know who I am. I know what I want. I am confident I can design my life’.

If you want to live your life to the full including nurturing a deep connection with your loved ones  so your relationships are supportive and at the same time full of fun and adventure, and also regain the confidence to pursue any aspirations you hold dear, then contact me so we can have a chat about what you must change.

"Adrian is both inspirational and practical in guiding you to your goals" Sue, Alsager.

Together we will work to understand your present circumstances and challenges as they actually are and you will learn frameworks and strategies which will empower you in all areas of life and with future challenges.

My vision is to help you understand yourself and your emotions so you can live a life you design rather than a life you are resigned to.

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I also specialise in Youth Coaching with over 15 years experience of working with troubled young people and presently running personal development sessions within a Young Offenders Institute. Contact me for an initial informal chat about the young person you are concerned about.

Download the free activity and see where your imagination takes you.

About your coach.

I am dedicated to helping clients living a life they design. I have completed an extensive course in Strategic Intervention, and Relationship coaching and also have a degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Youth and Community Development. I bring my own previous experience of anxiety and depression to my interventions in order to help others.

I believe massive action and self awareness are the keys to a fulfilled life.

Fees: There are 3 programs of coaching starting and each includes telephone and email contact between sessions to ensure you are fully supported during your coaching journey.

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Contact Information: 

07505 895 763


Please visit http://www.icountable.co.uk/life-coaching/#Firststep for pricing


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