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Mhairi Gordon-Preston

Hi, I’m Mhairi Gordon-Preston and I help mid-career professionals who are unhappy at work, to find new careers they love that pay well

I’ve successfully changed career three times and coaching helped me do it. I’d never say I know how you feel, all I can say is that I’ve gone through my own career changes, feeling confusion, doubt, worry, fear, being in a rut… and the good stuff like growing confidence, being accepted, and feeling very happy. My first career change was from graphic design to fish science – so if I can do that, your career change is possible too!

Get ahead of the pack: use my specialised skills to make YOUR dream career reality

 “Mhairi’s coaching provided guidance around juggling a busy workload of a promotion, starting a Masters, and raising my two-year-old! The coaching enabled me to prioritise what was most important to me and to juggle extremely demanding work. It was great to have expert coaching during this transition.” Anna Day, UK

Ready to find the career you long for? The New Job New Life program is here to help you

It was made for professionals in their 30s & 40s, who just know they’re in the wrong job. Typical outcomes include:

  • Stop moving from one bad situation to another
  • Discover the career that’s perfect for you – even if you think you can’t, or you worry no-one will hire you
  • End depressing rejection letters or complete silence after an application – because you’ll discover something that’s 12 times more effective than job adverts at finding YOUR ideal job
  • Stand-out from everyone else who wants your dream career, and be the person your ideal employer wants to hire
  • Avoid expensive re-training that might not be necessary or which might lead you down the wrong path
  • If you’re ready to leave career hell contact me now. We’ll arrange a time to discover the best support for you and check we work well together - there’s no charge for that.

Contact Information: 

07814 278 175


Diploma in Coaching
Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Certificate in Enterprise Mentoring
Stress Awareness and Resilience
The Emotionally-intelligent Learning Manager
Active Listening
Work-related Stress
Ezine Articles Platinum Expert Author
Reiki First Degree


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