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Patty Everitt

A common reason for coming to counselling or therapy is to get rid of a problem that is causing us distress or leaving us feeling angry, fearful, sad or guilty. Maybe the problem has arisen after a change in our circumstances or maybe it has been building up over time until it stops us from being who we feel we really are or from doing the things we really want to do. Perhaps it has been unexpectedly triggered by an event or a person.

Because problems often evoke unpleasant and strong emotions for us it is not always easy to talk about what’s really bothering us and perhaps sometimes we don’t even know that ourselves.

My role is to help you feel safe enough to be able to find, confront and work with issues and to guide and support you as you explore.

What does “safe enough” mean? It means building a non-judgemental relationship, a relationship of empathy and confidentiality, where boundaries are respected. This safe space enables difficult questions to be asked and answered and for emotions to be expressed. We would work together to help you discover your patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Together we can be curious about these patterns and notice which ones are helpful to you and which are less so. When we become consciously aware of our patterns then we have a choice about if and how we change them.

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Contact Information: 

07768 869 551


£50 per hourly session


UKCP Registered Neurolinguistic Psychotherapist
NLPtCA Accredited Psychotherapist
Diploma in Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy, DipNLPt
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, MHS


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