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Hate your job but scared to change it?

Scared to change jobs

Firstly, well done for admitting fear. The first stop to solving something is admitting it's happening. That can be very scary, so take comfort from the fact that you've now you’ve done a courageous thing -- and you are still here, still breathing, still surviving, still going on. 

Maybe you're wondering whether to stick in your current job, or whether to go for something new, and possibly worrying about an additional investment of time and money in re-training for a new career. These are all great things to think about...just don't stay stuck in wondering and worrying.

No careers professional can tell you what's the right decision for you - only you can discover that. However a careers professional can help you deal with the fear and move forward, untangle your thoughts and feelings about career changeand take some do-able steps towards a happy career for you.

Here are some questions that will help

You might want to do them with a supportive friend, on your own in a quiet place (not work or home), or discover your answers and your next career steps with a careers professional like me:

1) What have you learned from your career and study decisions so far? (The ones that worked out and the ones that didn't)

2) How can that inform what you do next?

3) What's your No.1 fear about taking your next career step?

4) What are some things you can do to reduce or remove the fear?

5) Finally, what reward will you give yourself for taking one step?

Do let me know how you get on with that, I'm here to help!

Want to do a career you'd love but feeling scared about change? Hi, I’m Mhairi Gordon-Preston and I help professionals find the new job they love, with techniques that have worked for thousands of career-changers. 

So if you've been going round in circles because you don't see how you can possibly change career, let me help you the way I've helped others in your shoes: a New Job Strategy Time will help you identify a real way forward and see how with support, your career-change can be much more effective and much less stressful from now on. There's no charge for your New Job Strategy Time, just contact me now on 07814 278175.

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