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Reflexology Diary - Week 2

Following a successful and enjoyable first experience of Reflexology, our client continues to document her experiences of her treatment programme. In the first session, the client had presented with back pain and re-occurring shingles.  Read on to find out how Reflexology is helping to manage these symptoms.

Following my positive first experience of reflexology, I was looking forward to my second treatment.  Having already build rapport with Caroline, and been through my case history, I felt a lot more comfortable, perhaps from knowing what to expect.  The session followed the same format as the first, in that Caroline checked how I had been feeling before we moved on to the actual treatment.

Again, I felt very relaxed and as the treatment progressed and struggled to stay awake.  As Caroline worked, I did notice a lot of tenderness along the sides of each foot.  This area is related to my spinal reflexes (the back) and was painful when touched. Caroline spent a lot of time manipulating this area which felt comfortable and soothing.

The other areas of sensitivity identified from the first area felt much better this time around, and this has been mirrored in less congestion in the mornings, and less feelings of stress, and anxiety.  I have started to think about modifying my diet to include healthier foods and am a lot more energetic and positive.

I have also noticed a big improvement in my back pain and have even considered taking up a pilates class, which would have been unthinkable beforehand due to the pain and tiredness I was experiencing.  Another benefit is the quality of my sleep – I used to wake up at the slightest noise but since having reflexology I am sleeping much deeper and feel more refreshed when I wake up in the mornings.

I honestly did not expect to experience so many positive health benefits and have been pleasantly surprised at what has happened.

So in summary, so far so good!  I would highly recommend Caroline (and Reflexology) to anyone who would like to treat themselves, have a relaxing experience, or to work on a particular health issue. I will certainly be having more treatments to help maintain the effects it has had on me so far.

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