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Crisis * Recover * Rebuild

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Our news media is awash with factual and anecdotal information about the changes our planet is facing, and in some parts of the world the impending crisis is impossible to ignore. However for many of us, it's 'business as usual: Food seems abundant in supply, we switch on the lights and central heating, charge our phones, chat on social media and fill our cars with fuel.

We have a sense that if all of this broke down, our day-to-day reality would become scary, ugly and violent, with hungry humans fighting for the limited remaining resources.

What would you do in this deeply challenging situation?

For those of us who want to prepare for this changing world there is very little to guide us. We are used to looking to governments and big corporations to come up with solutions, but in this situation they are part of the problem. If we are to survive the breakdown of our civilisation, we have to make a complete transformation in the way we think about our world.

It is time for each of us to take responsibility and to make the necessary changes ourselves rather than waiting for those in charge to tell us what to do. This book has been written to help with that process.

Crisis. Recover. Rebuild addresses the big questions about how we survive amongst this chaos, and offers both practical and spiritual guidance for survival for a world that is about to change. It is the survival manual for our times.

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