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Career Issues

Not everyone needs or wants a career; nevertheless, a career can play an important role in your life and can provide you with feelings of self-esteem and personal growth. A career can also provide you with a sense of achievement and a role of social interaction. However, there are also times at work where you may feel as though it is more of a burden because you may come across some sort of problem. This may lead you to feel as though you are weighed down by work and you may feel as though you are not satisfied within your career.

Career issues - stress
Some pressure at work can be motivating for you to complete your work, however, long hours or a heavy workload can cause stress in the workplace when this becomes too much. This can lead to symptoms including headaches and the loss of appetite. You may feel as if you have no choice but to work long hours, however, if you are unable to complete the work in the amount of time given then you need to work out how much you are able to take on without becoming overloaded. This will mean that you are able to complete the work to the best of your ability.

Career issues - bullying
Bullying within the workplace can also be a factor within your career. This can make you feel excluded or unacceptably overloaded with work. It can make going into work a struggle and can make you feel dejected. If you find that this is a problem within your career one way in which you can overcome the issue is finding an ally to talk to, this will help you to feel less isolated. Getting advice from another colleague or your employers will also help. Another way in which you can overcome this is confronting the bully. This may not be deliberate bullying and telling them what has been happening may help to overcome the problem.

Career issues - boredom
When you have been in a career for a while you may find that you start to feel unchallenged because the work has become boring. This is likely to make you feel unenthusiastic towards your work and means that your productivity lowers. Usually the best way of overcoming this is to speak up within your workplace. Talking to your employer will help to find which path you want to go down to feel challenged again. This may mean that you take on new projects or maybe move to a new department within your workplace. However, you may feel as though a new challenge means a new job or a complete change in career path. Thus, this also needs to be recognised if you are feeling unchallenged at work.

Career issues - redundancy
Being made redundant is an issue that you may be dealing with. It may have made you feel anger towards your employer, sadness and hopelessness towards losing your job. There are many factors to think about when you have been made redundant. It may be that you can find another job within a similar career; however, you may find that you may have to search for another career path. Focusing on finding a new career will help you to take control of the situation. You may need some support to find another career path; you may find this from a colleague that is going through the same thing. Having support during this time is important because this will help you not to lose sight of your future goals.

Career issues - change
Changes can happen within the workplace and these may cause anxiety because they are unknown and may bring new tasks within your workplace. It may feel as if you have to resist these changes and you may have negative feelings towards this. You may feel insecure towards the changes because it is something within the workplace that you have not experienced before. However, changes are likely to happen whether it is at home or at work. Therefore, you need to be prepared for changes and be able to deal with the changes in hand. Assess the changes and remember your strengths. This will help you to build your confidence and help you to work through the changes. Another factor that you need to remember is to stay optimistic during this time because this will help you to deal with the changes.

Of course, not everything is easy to resolve. If you find that the pressures of work need more than a simple solution or you are unable to work through the issues yourself then this may be when counselling will be helpful. This is because you will be able to work through the different pressures and stresses of work with someone that is not already involved within the situation.  

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