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Have you ever noticed that despite your best efforts, sometimes your relationships with others aren’t going so well? Perhaps you say something that sounds fine in your head, but the reaction you get from the other person is not quite what you expected. 

According to The Parent Adult Child ( PAC ) Model, this is likely because we are communicating from either our Parent or Child, rather than the Adult within us. Often, all it takes is a little awareness of how we are behaving. Awareness gives us choice. And with choice comes freedom to act differently.

About The Parent Adult Child (PAC) Model

The Parent Adult Child Model describes a simple yet highly effective model of human relationships, where we can learn to let go of the automatic roles we take on in relationships and move towards greater authenticity, awareness and intimacy. The author, Maurice Tomkinson, has explored many ways to enhance human relationships and communication during his career as a psychotherapist and has found The PAC Model to be one of the most effective. Over the years, many clients and visitors of The Hope Street Centre website have actively sought out written material that quickly explains how The PAC Model works and how they can integrate it into the midst of their every day lives.

It is an invaluable resource for any professional who works in the field of psychology, mental health, self-help and personal development. 

This book is applicable to all dimensions of human relationships: between couples, parents and children, colleagues in the workplace, friends and many more… 

About the author. Maurice Tomkinson is the founding director of The Hope Street Centre and has been working as a psychotherapist in private practice for the last 17 years. Maurice is committed to working with individuals, couples and groups in order to support them in their personal growth, relationships and consciousness. He has successfully worked with people locally who are experiencing a vast range of issues from stress, to depression, breakdown, addictions, personality issues, trauma, abuse and sexuality. 

So simple and effective 

The great news is that The Parent Adult Child Model is so simple and easy to understand. Once you have grasped how many of your interactions can be understood using this simple framework, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever forget it! 
This booklet is ideal if you have identified that you would like to bring about some positive changes in your relationships with others . We feel it can benefit someone who has no prior knowledge, as well as therapists or professionals who are looking to introduce this model into their work with clients. 
We hope you enjoy reading and please do let us have your feedback. We’d love to hear how it has helped to transform your relationships for the better.
This book is available as a digital download for £3.99.  Just click the Buy Now button to be taken to an order page where you can purchase with a debit or credit card.