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The Parent Adult Child model booklet

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Repair your relationships with the help of the Parent Adult Child Model

"We used to get into these horrible arguments about the most trivial things, we just couldn't stop ourselves. We'd reached the end, and I only agreed to go to counselling for the sake of the kids. Maurice listened to us arguing for 15 minutes, then stopped us and explained the PAC model. It made so much sense, I could see exactly what was happening. After a couple more sessions we had stopped arguing, and it never started again."

Have you ever noticed that despite your best efforts, sometimes your relationships with others aren’t going so well? Perhaps you say something that sounds fine in your head, but the reaction you get from the other person is not quite what you expected. 

"My wife had this way of speaking to me in a tone of voice that made me feel six inches tall. It was like hearing my mother all over again. Now that I know that it's my inner child getting triggered, I can handle it so much better. I don't let it get to me any more."
According to The Parent Adult Child Model, we often communicate from either our Parent or Child, rather than the Adult within us. Often, all it takes is a little awareness of how we are behaving. Awareness gives us choice. And with choice comes freedom to act differently.
"I always assumed that as a manager my job was to be tough and keep my team on a tight rein. Now I realise that all I was doing was getting their backs up by acting like a critical parent. Since I've learned to have adult to adult conversations with them, things go much more smoothly."
"As a practicing counsellor in the voluntary sector, I read this guide and was impressed. I thought it covered all aspects of The PAC Model well in an accessible way, and the illustrations certainly added to the clarity." Chris Proctor

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