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The Everybodies guide to Wholeness

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In this short, beautifully illustrated guide, psychotherapist Maurice Tomkinson reveals how, with some challenging yet worthwhile inner reflection, we can begin to integrate parts of ourselves that have become split off, giving us a greater sense of contentment and more energy for life. 
"... from years of working with people in the consulting room, I can say with confidence that very few of us can go through life, from a fertilised embryo to the adults we are today, with a seamless personality!"
The idea of our personality being anything other than whole is a challenging thought for many of us. But it’s more common and a whole lot less scary than you’d think.
If having a fully integrated personality is rare, then what does it mean to become whole? And how does it feel? The Everybodies Guide to Wholeness will teach you this, and so much more… 
  • Understand what wholeness means and what can happen to prevent you feeling this way 
  • Create a personal timeline of your life so you can track the events that have shaped you 
  • Stop feeling the need to hide who you are 
  • Develop compassion for the various parts of you that may have become fragmented 
  • Feel a greater sense of peace and ease with yourself and others 
  • Enjoy better, more authentic relationships with your loved ones 
We hope you enjoy reading and please do let us have your feedback. We’d love to hear how it has helped to transform your life for the better.

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