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Homeopathic remedies to treat PMS

Homeopathic remedies to treat PMS

Dave Masters, Homeopath at The Hope Street Centre shares some advice for women suffering from PMS in this article. 

It is estimated that 80% of women experience Premenstrual Syndrome. There may be a variety of physical, mental and behavioural symptoms tied to a woman’s menstrual cycle. PMS is a complex health issue and scientists cannot agree on its cause or the best way to treat it.  Many women just put up with how they feel because “it is that time of the month” but they needn’t! 

Homeopathy has a good track record of helping many thousands of women with PMS worldwide.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the name given to a group of physical and emotional symptoms that some women experience on a regular basis in relation to menstruation. For a small number of women, it can be severely incapacitating. A woman who has had a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) may still experience PMS if at least one ovary remains. Symptoms usually occur during the days before a woman's period starts. They usually go away after the first day or two of flow. If you have symptoms of PMS that do not go away within 3-4 days of the start of your period, see your doctor.  You may have a different medical problem.

It is believed that lifestyle may play a significant role in PMS. This is because the symptoms appear to be most troubling in women who smoke, lead stressful lives, rarely exercise, sleep too little or whose diet is high in caffeine,  alcohol, salt, red meat or sugary foods such as chocolate or sweets.

Listed below are some common remedies that can help but do remember there is a limit to self-prescribing because of the complexity of the condition.

Many women have experienced period pain which is eased by a hot water bottle against the tummy. 

If you are one of them try Mag Phos from the New Era Tissue Salts range (best taken in a glass of warm water). Other common remedies to help include:

  • Sepia - When symptoms include bearing down in the uterus, low back pain, emotionally worn out and irritable with loss of sex drive.
  • Pulsatilla - Periods are changeable, often both late and light.  Feeling weepy and vulnerable. Company, fresh air and a gentle walk often helps to ease things.

If symptoms persist or you are at all unsure arrange a professional consultation.

For details of how to contact Dave, click here.


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