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Managing Resilient Teams

When working with team resilience we use a simple model of the management process as shown in the diagram. Many different management models exist, each one fitting a particular style of doing business. Taylor’s “Scientific Management” model worked well for production line manufacturing, Human Relations models recognised that individuals have psychological needs and encouraged personal growth and development. Systems approaches acknowledged the complex interactions in business, the fact that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. Currently there is an interest in the science of complexity, fractals and learning from the ecology movement.

The model I’m presenting here has its roots in system theory, and in particular the viable system model of Stafford Beer. However these are difficult techniques to apply for busy managers, and I wanted to find something simpler that could give insight but be quick to put into action. The model presented here is based on a simple feedback loop, and shares much with cyclic models such as Deming’s Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle.

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