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Schema Therapy

What is Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy is an effective, integrated form of therapy which combines cognitive, experiential and interpersonal therapy into one model. 

Who is Schema Therapy for?

It is useful for people who have longstanding difficulties which usually stem from childhood and who find themselves in unhelpful patterns of living which can affect relationships and employment.

Schema therapy has been found to be highly effective in helping people change their maladaptive patterns of behaving, feeling and thinking. This is also true for many individuals who have tried other methods but found them to be unsuccessful, and those who have been stuck in maladaptive cycles for a long-time.

Where did Schema Therapy come from?

Schema therapy is based on the Schema-Focused Model, created by Dr. Jeff Young. Dr. Young worked closely with Aaron Beck, the creator of Cognitive Therapy. He noticed that some individuals weren’t able to benefit from Cognitive Therapy, and that these individuals had what he called “schemas” or “lifetraps” – the maladaptive patterns we referred to earlier.

In response to this, he found that a combined approach was more effective for these people. Schema therapy may be effective for you too if you haven’t benefitted from other approaches, or if you have found yourself in an unhelpful pattern of living.

What exactly does Schema therapy involve?

Schema therapy involves targeting these schemas and patterns that may have begun earlier in life. These patterns may be self-defeating, enduring, and repetitive. They will consist of negative thoughts and feelings.

How do you know if you’re caught in a lifetrap or schema?

  • Are you stuck in some area of your life, but can’t change?
  • Do you overreact to the same type of situation? An “emotional button”?
  • Low self-esteem
  • Emotional problems
  • Physical problems
  • Strains on your relationships
  • Addiction

Some examples of lifetraps:

  • Abandonment
  • Failure
  • Abuse and mistrust
  • Emotional deprivation
  • Social exclusion
  • Dependence

The aim of Schema therapy is to address these patterns and to get your core emotional needs met in everyday life.

The Hope Street Centre provides Schema therapy for individuals in Sandbach, Crewe, Alsager, Cheshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Nantwich, Northwich and Warrington.

For More Information

If you’d like to learn more about Schema therapy, please call us on 01270 764003. 

You can also visit:

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Schema Therapy Information Website

Click here for a presentation by Dr. Young on the underlying model and what Schema therapy involves.

The following issues may be helped by Schema Therapy