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Some of the kind remarks made by people on our workshops:

  • ‘It made me think about myself and put into context events that have happened in the past and how they have shaped my personality. Altogether it has been a very rewarding experience’.
  • ‘The Resilience Programme helped me to detect symptoms of stress in others and myself. It also helped with my confidence in presenting in groups.’
  • ‘I feel more able to interact with people differently based on understanding their individual needs.’
  • After the workshop, I feel that I have a greater understanding of myself and my team, as well as some practical ways of making myself more resilient.’
  • ‘I’m looking forward to putting the practical tips into action!’
  • 'I think that it is also a good environment for everyone to say what they find ‘difficult’ and then to hear how others ‘deal’ with these situations. I don’t think we share enough information with each other about past experiences and what we learned from it. How would we do it differently next time.'
  • ‘I have developed a more positive attitude, and am more aware of others' needs.’ I’ve started to the use relaxation techniques to reduce my stress levels which is having an effect on the way I manage my work.’
  • ‘I use the positive thinking techniques in the workplace and in team meetings to boost confidence and self awareness.’
  • Thank you to you and the team for a great session. I really enjoyed it and thought we covered a lot in the time we had. I took away the stuff about how long the cortisol regulation of anxiety spikes takes to re-regulate itself after prolonged over use.'
  • 'I really enjoyed it.  In particular I found learning about PAC and the 6 psychological needs helpful. I think managers, team leaders, HR and OH need to be more aware of PAC and the 6 psychological needs.
  • Thank you very much to yourself and your team for the brilliant work you are doing.'
  • I enjoyed the workshop very much from both a personal and professional point of view. I would say I gained a much deeper understanding of resilience, particularly the PAC Model and Time In tools were helpful and I can see me using this in the future. 
  • The workshop was entertaining and the facilitators very knowledgeable in their field. I now have a much greater understanding of the biology of stress and the impact not only on myself, but how my stress can affect others. 
  • I now understand that stress is a biological change rather than feeling it was my state of mind. This is invaluable knowledge. 
  • The workshop was enjoyable and I am considering follow up coaching to really learn more about the ability to chance my physiology through the power of my mind.
  • All of the tools taught on the workshop were 'gems' to me. I'd rate the facilitators 10/10 and am looking forward to learning more about how to use the tools to help others. 
  • I'd rate the facilitators 9/10... No one is perfect but they were close! 
  • I appreciated the opportunity to learn and grow, and found the whole day inspiring. 
  • The workshop was very enjoyable. I learned in just one day about my own current coping strategies and how I have the power to change my state of mind. 
  • An enjoyable day. I think I am a resilient person and now feel able to teach this to my colleagues. 
  • Thank you for a great day. The session was very interesting and informative and I learned tools and techniques that I can use in my work and home life. The session about stress was great as it will help me to understand myself and others better. 
  • 10/10 for the facilitators! 
  • Before the workshop I was unaware how stress can lead to burnout and so understanding it from a biological perspective is really useful. 
  • The facilitators built trust and an environment that felt safe and so I was able to try new tools. 
  • A great day, thank you. 

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