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Therapy for Parents of Cared-for Children

The Hope Street Centre provides counselling and therapy services to parents of children who are involved in care proceedings. We receive referrals from the Local Authority social work teams, Solicitors, Children's Guardians, Clinical Psychologists and the NHS.  Some parents choose to refer themselves.

We are able to work in a variety of ways with parents, some of whom have already had children taken into care, others are working towards avoiding that happening or need support after their children have been returned. We are able to work with fathers and mothers individually, or we can see then as a couple, whichever is more appropriate.

Many parents of cared-for children have experienced difficult childhoods themselves, and working through these experiences can help them to care better for their children. Others may have problems with anger management, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol and many similar problems. All of the issues described elsewhere on this site can be addressed.


When working with parents our role is to provide confidential therapy services to them as clients, which is incompatible with providing evidence to a court as an expert witness. We understand that in cases of this nature the authorities need information to help them make decisions. Where this is required we recommend that a separate assessment is carried out independently by a forensic or clinical psychologist who is able to report to the court on the client's condition or progress.