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“Who am I when I say that?” – An “insight” workshop

“Who am I when I say that?” – An “insight” workshop

Humans are relational. We are social animals. That doesn’t mean we are necessarily sociable, but we need other people in order to survive and to thrive.

Our experience of the world is subjective. If we think about it we know this must be so because each one of us will have a slightly different memory of and interpretation of an event that we have shared.

So, we not only need others to survive and to thrive but we also experience the world differently from each other. How on earth can we communicate effectively when we all see, hear and feel differently about the same world? It’s a wonder that we can and do form and sustain lasting and meaningful relationships at all, and yet we do!

One of the most often quoted requirements for a “good” relationship – with partners, friends, family and work colleagues - is “good” communication. One of the most often quoted reasons for a relationship to fail is “poor” communication.

So how is it that despite our best efforts we know that some communications go poorly, badly or even disastrously and that this state of affairs repeats and repeats, again despite our best efforts.

I am running a workshop at the Hope Street Centre on Saturday 9th September, “Who am I when I say that?”, that will shed some light on what is happening when the way we communicate doesn’t work well, and what can we do about it. Please join us.
Click here for more information but be quick – bookings will close on 31st August!

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