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"Who Am I When I Say That?" workshop

"Who Am I When I Say That?"
An introduction to The Parent-Adult-Child Model, by Patty Everitt, Accredited NLP Psychotherapist and UKCP Registered Neuro-linguistic Psychotherapist

Saturday 9th September – 10 am until 12.30pm at The Hope Street Centre, Sandbach.

Cost per place – £50.00

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If you’ve been noticing that the way you communicate with others doesn’t always go the way you hoped, then perhaps you may ready to find out what might be going on. 

And what you can do about it.

Gain greater awareness of your usual patterns of communication, so that you can choose different responses that may avoid hurt or conflict in your relationships. 

Do you ever get the sense that the conversations you have with your friends, family and coworkers feel familiar, but not in a way that feels right? Perhaps you feel repeatedly hurt or wounded in particular situations, or by certain people. Maybe the reverse is true, and you feel that it is you that does the hurting.

In this short workshop we will explore some of the ways that we interact with others using two simple, but powerful, models: Parent-Adult-Child and the closely-related Drama Triangle. We’ll explore how awareness of the roles we take – consciously or unconsciously – when we talk to others gives us the opportunity to choose different and more helpful ways of communicating.

What’s included in this course? 

  • A simple introduction to the Parent-Adult-Child and The Drama Triangle models;
  • Opportunities for one-to-one discussions in the group to explore the model and notice how they relate to your own experience;
  • Tutor-led group discussions using a case study, to get a sense of what the model means in real life;
  • Guidance on how to maintain your composure when faced with challenging and emotionally charged situations, so that you can make better, more informed choices about how you would like to respond.

I will not ask you to share your personal experiences with the group but would be delighted if you are happy to illustrate points with your own experience or observations.

With this course, you will have tools to help you to:

  • Transform your personal and professional relationships by raising your awareness of how you and others choose to communicate and respond; 
  • Develop deeper self-esteem as you learn how to communicate authentically, rather than slipping into unhelpful patterns of behaviour; 
  • Notice when you are in your Parent, Adult or Child state and what to do to make a change quickly;
  • Save yourself time and energy: when communication is clear, and conflict is reduced, we have more energy for the good things in life!  

Who may benefit from this course?

  • People who are seeking a relaxed, compassionate and informal workshop that will enable them to build their self-awareness; 
  • Those who want to have strategies to help maintain their composure in stressful situations;
  • Anyone who is enthusiastic about personal development and wants to learn more about The PAC Model or The Drama Triangle and how this can benefit them;
  • Those who want to learn skills to help them improve personal or professional relationships.
  • Groups are kept small to encourage participation, discussion and learning.

Please book early to secure your place. 

About Patty Everitt

Patty Everitt is a UKCP Registered Neuro-linguistic Psychotherapist and NLPtCA Accredited Psychotherapist. She has a passion for helping people to communicate more effectively in their personal and professional relationships. 

Patty has been working as a psychotherapist in private practice at The Hope Street Centre since qualifying, before which she completed her training placement with our sister organisation The Brightstone Clinic.

Patty has presented at conferences, professional CPD events and Hope Street at Resilience events.

To book, just call Patty on 07768 869551or email patty@patty-everitt.co.uk .

If you can’t make this date and would like to be placed on the waiting list for the next event, then please let Patty know so that she can keep you informed as other sessions are scheduled.


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